The benefits of gender equality in the workplace

Currently women are offered better access to flexible working, there is more support for maternity pay, and women generally have better qualifications than men.

In today’s modern times however, although the laws are in place for gender equality and equal pay, inequality and a pay gap still remains in many workplaces across the nation.

Workplace gender equality can only be achieved when employees are able to access and enjoy the same rewards and opportunities, equal pay for work of equal or comparable value, and all occupations and industries and roles are accessible, regardless of gender.

The persistent pay gap and gender equality is often attributed to male dominated workplaces, women being underrepresented in executive positions, and the impact of having a family and work-life balances facing women.

To address the ongoing issue of the gender pay gap, businesses who employ over 250 people will now be required to publish their gender pay gap and gender bonus information on their own website and on a government website.

Gender diversity on the whole is brought to widespread attention when it dominates headlines every year on International Women’s Day (8th March). This year, many companies and organisations revealed their intentions to drive change in this area.

With that in mind, here is a look at what the benefits of gender equality are:

  • It is fair, and the right thing to do, therefore your company’s reputation will be enhanced. How a business is represented to an audience, employee and potential talent pool is a key definer in its overall success.
  • If women are represented fairly and equally, they are likely to perform better, leading to a boost in company profits. Satisfaction levels from fair representation increases employee engagement.
  • If for example a board of directors is diverse, the company culture will be shaped differently. There is a good chance of it being a successful business due to diversity in decision making, and problems being approached from a wider set of perspectives.
  • Improvement in national productivity and economic growth.
  • Enhanced ability of companies to attract talent and retain employees. Widening your talent pool will be more successful if the company is renowned for elimination of discrimination, and candidates will in turn feel confident in bringing their different skills to the table.

At Integra People we recognise the importance of gender equality and employ successful males and females in all roles, with our workforce compiling of 53% women and 47% men.

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