Recruitment Trends in 2021

Integra People reflect on recruitment trends in 2021 and what it means for agencies and recruitment employment companies

It has been a difficult year for many in the recruitment industry. With many clients closing due to lockdown restrictions from schools to retail shops. However, we are looking ahead in in the second half of the year to what we can expect as a recruitment agency in 2021.

The biggest trends for the job market in 2021 are a desire for home working and flexibility, the rise of demand for temporary work in both clients and candidates and the extension of the government furlough scheme. Managing Director of Integra People, David Lewis says “we have seen a shift in the job market over the last 12 months, with an increase in demand for temporary work, but also a desire for flexibility with many people experiencing working from home for the first time. At Integra People we will continue to support both candidates and clients to meet their needs.”

Although many will be returning to work in upcoming weeks as a result of the national lockdown lifting on pubs, restaurants and retail shops – the advice still remains work from home where possible. Even once the advice on working from home has been lifted, there will be many companies who have seen evidence of productivity either remaining the same or improving with WFH, and may choose to save money on facility overheads and keep part or all their staff working from home. For employees and those searching for work, the trend of working from home can be seen as a great employment benefit. Whether this is down health and safety reasons or because they enjoy the flexibility working from home can bring.

Recruitment agencies and employment businesses have had to adapt so far in 2021 with virtual interviews; if the demand for WFH and remote roles continues, this could change how recruitment works for the foreseeable future. This trend opens up the competition in recruitment not only across the country, but around the world. Recruiters would no longer solely work within their local area and could fill remote positions from anywhere to anywhere. Integra People will continue to support clients in finding a workforce that suits their needs, for sectors such as construction and industrial, this would mean physically being on site. However, with the growth of work from home, we will also support the education sector in finding remote tutor and teaching staff.

The unpredictability of the current job market across all sectors and industries has led to a greater demand for companies using recruitment agencies like Integra People for workforce supply. A recent Gartner survey found that 32% of businesses are replacing full time employees with contingent workers as a saving-cost measure. Integra People have specialised in providing temporary workers to clients across the UK since 2008. Gartner highlighted issues that made need to be considered by HR, however, by using Integra as your agency, there is a hassle free and easy approach to employing temporary workers.

11.2 Million jobs have been supported by the furlough scheme since March 2020 with about 4.7 million still on furlough at the start of the 2021. While on furlough, people remain employed by their company, they have the ability to work for another company as long as it doesn’t break the rules of their contract. This has also had an impact on the rise of the demand for temporary jobs. Integra People have been supplying temporary workers to various sectors throughout the pandemic and have first-hand experience of the impact of furloughed workers on the temporary recruitment industry, we will continue to support both businesses and candidates who are impacted by Covid-19.

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