Plumbers revealed to be happiest workers in Britain

A recent survey commissioned by experiences company Boundless has revealed that Britain’s plumbers are the happiest professionals in the country.

55% of plumbers surveyed said they were ‘very happy’ in life, and it seems that tradespeople in general are way ahead in the happiness index, as builders were up next on 38%.

The Boundless Happiness Index results revealed workers are happiest in these roles:

  1. Plumbers: 55%
  2. Builders: 38%
  3. Marketing: 36%
  4. Taxi and lorry drivers: 32%
  5. Bankers: 32%
  6. Doctors: 31%

With not one single plumber ranking as ‘unhappy’, why is it that plumbers just aren’t getting that sinking feeling?

Ian Holmes-Lewis, Director at Boundless, said: “Plumbers are clearly happy people! Perhaps being their own boss plays a part in that, especially as builders and property developers were high on the list as well.

But it was also interesting to see plumbers ranked highly in our survey for quality of sleep and physical activity. On top of that, 64% said that they often tried new experiences, which placed them second in that particular table.

It goes to show that it is not only experiences in the workplace which determine how happy people are in work. Making the most of life outside of work can have a big impact, too.”

What is a typical day like in the life of plumber?

Working as a plumber does involve a bit more than simply fixing leaking pipes, though this is certainly a rewarding part of the job as you make a client happy and dry again!

A plumber’s day to day work can be varied, from visiting homes to commercial sites.

Tasks you’ll be expected to carry out include:

  • Planning how and where pipes should be laid during construction
  • Installing or maintaining heating systems
  • Fitting domestic appliances (such as dishwashers)
  • Repairing sanitation systems
  • Installing air-conditioning units
  • Fitting bathrooms
  • Emergency repairs

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