New year, new career?

Lots of people crave a new direction and to move jobs around New Year. A new year often symbolises to many people a “fresh start” whether that be pushing themselves in the gym or in any goals they might have put on the backburner.

The message is out there in every media outlet: this is your chance to achieve more and reach your potential. If you’re reading this and wondering if you should bite the bullet and get a new role, it may mean you do not feel you are hitting your true potential.

January is the busiest time of year for those hoping to kickstart their career, and you will find a lot of companies have put money aside for New Year hires. If you are raring to go, positive and excited, the right job could be a few clicks away.

Instead of worrying and thinking “I wonder how I could get a job there”, your mindset needs to be “I am going to get a job there!”

Here are some helpful tips as you begin your job search:

  • Try to remind yourself of your skills, strengths and past successes, and sit down with a friend so you can talk through those attributes and skills, as sometimes other people see valuable assets in us that we miss.
  • It is helpful to begin thinking about what kind of “transferable skills” you can take from one role to the next.
  • Also ask yourself “What can I bring to this role that others can’t?” Finding out how you are a cut above the rest will help you be able to sell yourself successfully.
  • We are living in a digital world, and it is commonly known that companies will check your social media footprint before considering hiring you. Use the internet to your advantage, and showcase your talents and promote yourself. Hiring personnel could trawl through old social platforms you used years previous, or just the ones in which you are present currently. However thorough, you should make sure that all they find is a fun-loving yet respectful candidate in and outside the workplace.
  • A great tip when job searching is to keep updating your CV, and print it out and take it with you to interviews, to refer your answers back to your experience, skills and key attributes. The CV is the reason you get invited for an interview, so it is vital that everything adds up and you come across the way that you promote yourself on paper.
  • When you look at a new company, figure out who their competitors are, what their mission is, what they excel at and why you want to work for them above all of the rest.

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