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FLT operative – The role will include loading and unloading, and moving materials around the warehouse. Duties will include operating a Reach fork lift truck in a safe and successful manner, palletising and other general warehousing duties as required.


HGV Driver – HGV Driver’s work from depots, distribution centres and warehouses, driving, carrying goods, planning delivery schedules, supervising or helping to load and unload goods, making sure loads are safely secured, following traffic reports and changing your route if necessary, and completing delivery paperwork and log books.


Food Production Assistant – A food production assistants duties include developing and helping to make food products and samples that go out to retailers, making packages, watching and using the machines that make food. A keen eye for detail is needed in order to spot problems, and a high level of personal cleanliness.


Food Production Operative – Food processing operatives are involved in the production and packaging of the food products. Duties include checking and weighing raw materials, ensuring that machine settings are correct, maintaining a clean production environment, running quality checks on, for example, the size and weight of the finished product, assembling, packaging and labelling, and simple machine maintenance.


Production Operative – Responsible for measuring, grading and feeding batches of raw materials into production machinery, operating production line equipment, assembling goods on a production line, reporting equipment faults to maintenance staff, finishing products, monitoring the production process and carrying out basic testing and quality checks, storing goods and raw materials in the factory or warehouse, using lifting equipment and forklift trucks, packing goods ready for shipment, and cleaning and maintaining work areas and machinery.


Production Line Supervisor – Duties will include completing successful running of a busy production environment, KPI reports, supervising a team of around 25 staff and concluding all health and safety processes are adhered to.


Packing Operative – Packing operatives pack products to protect them during transportation, give them an identifiable and desirable appearance for display, and preserve any goods that are perishable. Duties include picking orders, packing boxes, checking stock, goods in and out, assembly and cleaning within the warehouse.


Food Packing Operative – Food packing operatives wrap and pack a range of food products. They are responsible for checking products on the production line for quality, keeping machines supplied with packaging materials and labels, reporting machine faults and adjusting machine settings, and placing packed items on to pallets ready for dispatch.

Technical Manager – The technical manager is responsible for ensuring that all products meet quality criteria, liaising with regulatory authorities, ensuring good standards of housekeeping and hygiene are maintained, managing health and safety systems, enforcing performance KPI’s, reviewing and maintaining programs, dealing with customer complaints, making sure hygiene and all other audits are carried out, as well as other reasonable duties.


Manufacturing Supervisor – Responsible for planning and organising staff rotas, reporting machinery breakdowns, stock control and ordering supplies, making sure your team meets production targets, carrying out quality control checks and writing reports, updating paperwork like holiday requests and sick leave and organising staff training.


Industrial Cleaner – Industrial cleaners work in factories, power stations and high-rise buildings, and duties can include washing out boilers, tanks and vats, removing dust and ash, decontaminating work areas and machinery, mixing cleaning chemicals in the correct amounts, sandblasting the outsides of buildings and structures, disposing of hazardous waste, and reporting potential hazards to supervisors.


Quality Assurance Technicians – Responsible for monitoring each stage of the production process, a quality assurance technician uses statistical analysis to make sure that machined parts are within tolerance limits, inspects materials and products for defects, using methods like non-destructive testing, deals with customer feedback and complaints, assesses suppliers, reviews policies, and produces reports for quality managers.


Assemblers – Assemblers work in factories, often on assembly lines, putting parts together to form completed products or parts of other products. Duties include adding components in the right order, following diagrams and instructions, using tools, such as spanners, pliers, tweezers, drills and electric screwdrivers, using microscopes for detailed work, testing items and checking quality, and packing products or putting them in the correct area for collection.

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