How schools, hospitals and other government buildings could be constructed quicker

Schools, hospitals and train stations that are prefabbed in factories before being erected could be constructed quicker and with less waste, according to Ministers who wish to encourage Britain’s construction industry to become more efficient.

The government have set out £600 billion on infrastructure over the next decade, with the Treasury minister Robert Jenrick stating that new methods of construction need to be embraced.

Prefabbing means to pre-build universal components in factories, manufactured using the latest digital technology, before they are sent to construction sites.

A single component could be used as part of a school, hospital, prison building or train station, and government proposals for the ‘platform approach’ could mean a school that typically takes a year to build could be completed in four months.

This prefabbing proposed could generate less waste and speed up construction time by 90 per cent, officials believe, as they could be built three times quicker using parts shared with hospitals and prisons.

Exchequer Secretary Robert Jenrick said: “We are committed to renewing our infrastructure to drive economic growth in all parts of the United Kingdom.”

As the pace of technological change accelerates, we are stepping up our commitment to digital infrastructure, use of data to drive greater productivity and embrace new methods of construction.

With £600 billion of investment over the next decade, including the largest ever investment in our strategic road network, we are taking the long-term action required to raise productivity and ensure the economy is fit for the future.”

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