‘Health in Touch’ to support the UK health sector

Two channel veterans have created ‘Health in Touch’ to help the UK health sector make savings and improve efficiency.

Steve Mackervoy and Mark Hayes unveiled their venture at the Best Practice exhibition at the NEC last month. The offering comes at an opportune time following NHS spends and use of unnecessary treatments coming under fire recently.

The team will be selling a full range of services to GP surgeries, the wider NHS, opticians, dentists, private hospitals and vets. The programs will include secure mail and file sharing/collaboration to help the NHS move away from outdated technology.

“We will use video conferencing and mobile comms to help doctors assess more patients more quickly” said Mackervoy. To improve ‘did not attend’ rates, consultations will be available for customers to help them to use SMS to remind patients of upcoming appointments.

Technology in healthcare is constantly evolving and creating innovative ways to help staff, improve cost efficiency and enforce time cutting.

Earlier this year, Benevolent AI, a London-based company, began using the supercomputer to process mass amounts of medical data to find ways to treat serious diseases, faster than was previously ever thought possible.

Will a venture like ‘Health in Touch’ make a world of difference? Will other firms endeavour to adopt this powerful tool? In today’s market, a channel that aids the health sector is both welcomed and necessary.

Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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