Construction workers named as most in demand group of employees

Construction workers have been named as one of the most in demand group of employees in the UK as the sector continues to grow.

With infrastructure projects, general building and the property market booming over the past couple of years, it is more important than ever to recruit highly skilled and quality contractors.

Integra’s Sales Director, Paul Quinn, said: “We’ve seen a huge shift over the past five years. Typically during a recession it’s easy to find skilled contractors but harder to find the actual vacancies.

“Now, it’s the complete opposite and many recruitment agencies are struggling to maintain the quality of candidates that clients expect and as a result standards can slip.

“Luckily here at Integra we not only have an extensive internal database of previously screened and vetted contractors, but we also have a dedicated resourcing team who work full-time on candidate generation. This ensures that we always have access to a reliable and experienced pool of candidates and are able to respond promptly to clients’ demands each and every time.”

If you’re struggling to find skilled and reliable contractors, then speak to one of our Recruitment Consultants in our Construction Division today on 01925 875 900.

Posted on Friday, May 29, 2015

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