10 Signs it is Time for a New Job

Have you been struggling for a while and find yourself wondering if you’ve waited long enough to move on? Or are you just at the beginning of having workplace doubts, and wonder if your worries are normal?

Sometimes it is not easy to move on, but sometimes staying put is not the right decision. Here are some signs that your job is not making you happy and you might need to pursue a new direction:

You are already thinking about it

If you have already been mulling over the thought of leaving your job, and finding something new, this is a clear indicator that something is not right, as chances are if you were completely happy you wouldn’t even entertain the thought of jumping ship.

Your work dominates your conversations

If conversations with friends and family become dominated by negative chat about your job or workday, and you find yourself constantly talking about work, this could be a sign to find a new job. Of course wanting to vent can be normal, but if you are consumed by it, it will feel difficult to focus on anything but work-related stress, which is bad for mental health.

Your sleeping pattern is disrupted

If you are struggling to sleep at night and dreading the thought of work, it can lead to a lack of energy, anxiety, restlessness and irritability. Sleep is so important to your health and without it it is difficult to function to the best of your capabilities, making the working day even harder. If your work anxiety makes your sleeping pattern a nightmare, you may need to have a long think about whether a new job would significantly improve the situation.

You have physical symptoms of stress

If you find that during this job you seem to frequent colds, headaches and other physical symptoms much more than ever before, they could be the result of physical symptoms of stress. Perhaps your appetite is supressed or you are eating more than usual but have been having trouble pinpointing the changes – your work life could be a huge factor.

You are less productive

Instead of aiming to go above and beyond you are always scraping by with the bare minimum and are much less productive than when you began in the role, it may be a sign that your heart is no longer in it.

You feel undervalued

If it is in fact the opposite, and you are pushing yourself every day and putting in long hours to prove your worth yet being met with no appreciation, this can seriously impact your motivation. If your hard work is going unnoticed, this can lead to frustration and resentment, which is going to impact the quality of your work and happiness.

You are bored

If every task is boring and you are checking your social media accounts every ten minutes, and if you begin to realise the only reason you are there is to collect your pay check, you might possibly need to a more mentally stimulating job.

You are stuck in a routine

Sometimes our roles stagnate and we suddenly realise we have been doing the same thing since day one. If this is you, you might not feel challenged to push your boundaries or accept new responsibilities, which can make you feel stuck in neutral. You should always be learning and developing, and if you have asked for more challenges or opportunities and are not being given anything, being stuck in a routine may lead you to look elsewhere.

You feel anxious and stressed

Is your stomach in knots every morning when you wake up, and every Sunday evening as the working week looms ahead? A certain amount of stress in a job is normal, and even useful sometimes as a push to get things done, yet the problem lies in consistency. If you are feeling unhappy on a regular basis, it is more than just a bad workday, and the stress is having a big impact.

You are irritable around loved ones

When you are stressed at work it is sometimes easy (though unfair) to take out your emotions on those closest to you. If you find yourself snapping at loved ones and becoming inexplicably grouchy, maybe your job is the reason. Work is such a huge part of our week, and we may spend more time with colleagues than our spouses, therefore your career can have a huge impact on how you feel out of work. If you find you are far less grouchy on the weekends, it might be time to find a job where every day feels like a weekend.


Do you find yourself nodding along to some or all of these points? Knowing where and when to start with finding a new job can be daunting, but being in a job you love will be worth it and rewarding in many ways.

If you decide it is time to search for a new job opportunity, please get in touch with one of our friendly recruitment consultants on 01925 838 600 for a confidential conversation.

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