UK Employment set to soar in 2015

Britain is fighting back after a tough few years with early indications showing employment is set to rapidly increase this year.

In Britain, employment is rising twice as fast compared to the rest of Europe, with over 11,000 jobseekers returning to work each week.

Germany had the second fastest rise in employment – and that was at almost half the rate of the UK.

The economies of other European countries have continued to struggle in the aftermath of the recession which hit in 2008.

In Italy, the unemployment rate is twice that of the UK and at its highest since the financial crisis began. Along with France, Italy’s unemployment rate is continuing to rise.

Unemployment rates in Greece and Spain are more than four times the rate in the UK.

Behind the record numbers are stories of British businesses up and down the country feeling more confident as they begin a new year and countless individuals who have turned their lives around with the security of a regular pay packet.

David Lewis, Managing Director of Integra People, said: “It is great news that UK employment is set to increase in 2015.

“The UK has had a tough few years financially but this news is very positive. Here at Integra we’ve had our strongest start to a year ever due to the increase in job roles we are securing and advertising.”


Posted on Monday, February 16, 2015

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