Tips for deciding on an interview outfit

Just as much as you prepare what you are going to say during an interview, it is also worth investing some time into your outfit preparation. First impressions count, and your interviewer may make an initial judgement on you before you have even opened your mouth.

You might think you are a fashion savvy candidate, yet it is still wise to think about some do’s and don’ts when planning what to wear for the interview of your dreams. When picking your perfect outfit, here is:

What to do:

  • Research the company, as what you wear should reflect on the role you are interviewing for. Try and make your attire align with their company culture
  • Be yourself and let your personality shine through
  • Choose comfort, as there is nothing worse than feeling as though you need to constantly adjust yourself, or something that makes you feel insecure. Comfort = confidence
  • Have a dress rehearsal either on your own or with a friend or family member, because sadly, sometimes things look better on the hangers
  • Wear a splash of colour – everyone wears black, white and grey to an interview, but would you wear these colours every day? If not, don’t be frightened to add a (not too distracting) colourful accessory
  • Polish your shoes

What NOT to do:

  • Avoid garish patterns or prints that will demand attention and take away from what you are saying
  • Make sure you don’t have chipped nail varnish
  • Check for any stains on your outfit, as looking clean and tidy is important
  • Don’t wear old shoes with scuffs, it is worth investing in a new pair
  • Do not wear shoes that are so high you have to walk like a snail to avoid toppling over sideways
  • Under no circumstances should you turn up in trainers, a t-shirt or jeans, no matter how casual the company/role is


If you look great, then chances are you will feel great, and that will shine through. Remember that fashion trends come and go, but classic style will always remain, so do your best to look smart, comfortable and professional on the big day.

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