The benefits of employing ex-military personnel

According to Deloitte (Veterans Work) survey in 2016, 72% of organisations which have employed ex-military staff would recommend this approach to others.

At a time when many industries are struggling to plug a significant skills gap, one solution for that talent crunch could be for businesses to start thinking about ex-military personnel.

Getting the best people for the job is key no matter which sector, and the right workforce is sure to drive productivity and increase profitability, to help the business grow.

The opinion on hiring military veterans has always been a mixed one, yet it is becoming more and more apparent that these people are tailor made recruits, with proven strong track records.

More than half of employers said they promote veterans more quickly than recruits from other backgrounds, which could be associated with some of the following positive attributes commonly found in ex-military personnel:


The vast majority of non-military specific courses now align with accepted civilian standards such as NVQ’s and BTEC’s.

Ex-army electronics technician Steve Chessell said: “You can pick up more and more accreditations and qualifications over time. I stopped after I gained a degree in Systems Engineering but many go on to do Honours or a Masters.”

Veterans are also able to take advantage of government provided financial assistance towards accreditation opportunities and degree opportunities.


Ex-military workers are used to dealing with difficult factors beyond control and remaining focusing on delivering success and getting the job done. Their confident approach can be inspiring and become an example to workers in a non-military position too.

Trained leaders who know how to make a decision, even those who held what we might see as a relatively low position such as corporal, would still have been in charge of a large body of men and be adept at strategic management.

Hard working

Known for having a great work ethic, ex-military work well independently and as a team, and know that slacking off is not an option. The can-do attitude and willingness to learn is an innate skill that can be adapted to suit a variety of roles.

They take their responsibilities seriously and usually observe information before making decisions, ensuring a high level of precision is brought to every task they undertake.

Good communicators

The military teaches you how to communicate clearly and concisely in order to ensure operations run smoothly throughout all of the armed forces.  Ex-military personnel are able to explain complex issues in a way that is easy to understand.

Because of their leadership experience, they will not be scared to challenge an idea or solution if they think there is a better alternative, and are comfortable flagging mistakes.

Goal driven

Military workers are very task and results orientated, and are used to motivating and inspiring themselves and their teams to work in a productive, dynamic environment.

They are taught to exercise collaboration and cooperation in order to achieve their targets, as the military thrives on structure and organisation.

Team players

According to James Lawrence of Ex-Military Careers, “Ex-military personnel are largely happy to relocate to many parts of the UK at short notice”. They are unlikely to take days off sick and are extremely loyal members of any team.

Whether a leader or working as part of a team, they are able to seamlessly connect multiple opinions into one positive direction in most roles outside of the military.


More than 15,000 people left the UK Armed Forces in 2016, which is a large pool of potential job candidates, and one that is being significantly overlooked due to lack of awareness of the skills they can bring to employers across the UK.

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