Joiner Job Description

As a skilled tradesperson who works with wood to create different fixtures for every item of furniture, fitting and construction that you see, a joiner is an important job.

A joiner carries out work on maintenance, major and minor construction work, and usually works in a workshop, fitting various items for future installation by carpenters.

Duties may include:

  • Fitting items for future installation by carpenters
  • Making specific fittings or furniture from staircases to kitchen cabinets
  • Constructing shelving units
  • Making timber frames
  • Cutting and shaping wood
  • Repairing and maintaining doors, door frames, windows etc
  • Snagging work
  • Ensuring all work is performed in accordance with the requirements of Health and Safety and other relevant legislations
  • Providing a service to clients and maintain good customer service and relationships

Desirable skills and attributes:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • High level of accuracy
  • Quick learner
  • Good mathematical skills for taking measurements
  • Creative and good eye for design
  • Able to work alone without guidance
  • Works efficiently as part of a team

Qualifications and experience needed:

There are no specific qualifications needed in order to work as a joiner, and most start out as an apprentice, learning the trade whilst working on the job. You can also start out as a labourer or joiner’s mate.

Due to the analytical and design elements of the job, and because you will need to follow clear instructions, having good English and Maths GCSE’s is preferable and expected.

You might want to gain a qualification such as an NVQ, in joinery, for practical skills before or during your career in joinery.

Further opportunities:

If you enjoy working as a joiner, as you progress, you may decide to specialise in a certain type of joinery. There is also scope for entering into management, or moving into a training role.

As well as moving to a larger company, lots of joiners decide to set up their own company, depending on their skills, location and experience.

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