Integra People is proud to be green

We’ve recently taken steps to further achieve a zero net release of carbon emissions with the purchase of carbon offsets in conjunction with Allstar and Forest Carbon.

Every month we contribute to Ecopoints which are then invested in woodland creation around the UK. One of the best ways to capture unwanted carbon emissions is through UK woodland carbon capture – trees actually breathe in CO2 and turn it into wood – creating new woodlands which not only sequester unwanted CO2

Over time these new woodlands will not only capture each of our vehicle’s CO2, but they can also reduce flooding, provide habitats for nature and offer recreational space for people.

Forest Carbon, the UK’s leading developer of new woodland projects certified under the Woodland Carbon Code, have so far planted in excess of 4 million trees around the UK for corporate partners such as ourselves, in over 70 new woodlands.

David Lewis, Group Managing Director at Integra People, said: “As a business our intention is to achieve a zero net release of carbon emissions by not only limiting our energy usage where possible but balancing our remaining emissions through initiative such as this.”

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Posted on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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