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General Practitioner  – General Practitioners (GPs) are licensed healthcare professionals who provide care for patients of all ages often being the first point of contact. They treat all common medical conditions and make patient referrals to hospitals and other medical services when required.


Nurse Practitioner/ Advanced Nurse Practitioner Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Nurse Practitioner (NP/ANPs)  –  Nurse practitioners are trained specialist nurses Advanced Nurse Practitioners are defined by the level of practice a NP is ANPs are educated at Masters level in clinical practice and assessed as competent in practice. ANPs can work autonomously and make decisions in assessment, diagnosis and treatment.


Practice Nurse – Practice Nurse is a registered nurse qualified in one of the following areas adult, child, mental health or learning disability and must undergo additional training to become a Practice Nurse.
They generally work within GP surgeries working alongside other healthcare professionals taking on a range of roles.


Registered Childcare Officer – The registered childcare officer will provide care for vulnerable and challenging children in a residential setting. Responsibilities include co-ordinating activities for young people on a day to day basis, participate in the care planning process, work in partnership with young people, their families, social workers and other relevant agencies, safeguard and promote young people’s physical and emotional wellbeing, and to work in partnership with police, LSCB, and social workers to ensure young people are kept safe.


Registered Nurse – A nurse gives care, advice and support to people who are sick, injured or have physical disabilities. Nurse’s work closely with other members of the healthcare team, including doctors, radiographers, physiotherapists, pharmacists, and healthcare assistants. Nurse’s responsibilities include taking temperatures, blood pressures and pulse rates, physical examinations, giving drugs and injections, cleaning and dressing wounds, setting up drips and blood transfusions, advising patients and their relatives, and handling confidential information.


Registered Nurse Manager – The Registered Manager will be responsible for the nursing and care of patients. They monitor performance of all staff, ensuring standards are maintained and exceeded. A Nurse Manager promotes and restores patients’ health by developing day-to-day management and long-term planning of the patient care area. Duties include directing and developing staff; collaborating with physicians and multidisciplinary professional staffs; providing physical and psychological support for patients, friends, and families, maintaining nursing operations, maintaining nursing staff through recruiting, selecting and training, maintaining documentation of patient care, and maintaining a cooperative relationship among health care teams.


Social Worker – Social workers work with people who need help and support at times in their lives. They are responsible for assessing the situation of someone in need, putting together support plans, offering information and counselling, liaising with other agencies, developing relationships with service users and their families, keeping records and writing reports, supervising team members, and attending court


Healthcare Assistant – Healthcare assistants help look after patients in a private hospital, a nursing home, or in the community. Supervised by nurses, day to day duties include helping patients shower and get dressed, helping people eat, making beds, using equipment to lift and move patients, tidying the ward or patient’s homes, talking to the patients and reassuring them, and attending meetings with other healthcare professionals.


Mental Health Nurse – Mental health nurses work in hospitals and the community, supporting people with a range of mental health issues. They are responsible for assessing and supporting patients, encouraging patients to take part in therapies, physical care, and giving medication. They also work closely with support workers, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and health visitors, and help clients if they need to deal with social workers, the police, relevant charities, local government or housing officials.


Physiotherapist – A physiotherapist works closely with patients to improve their range of movement and promote health and wellbeing. They usually perform hands-on therapy such as manipulation and massage, and are responsible for designing and supervising exercise programmes, applying electro-therapies, and encouraging the patient’s active participation in restoring movement.


Young People Support Worker – Support workers guide and support young people in their personal, social and educational development to help them reach their full potential in society. They assess the needs of young people, regularly monitor and review the quality of the local youth work provision, run arts-based activities, community/environmental projects, residential activities, outdoor education and sporting activities, mentor, coach and support individuals and encourage greater social inclusion, work in partnership with professionals from other organisations that support young people such as social care, health, police, education, youth offending teams and local authorities.


Care Home Manager – Responsible for providing information, advice and support to residents, families and staff, keeping confidentiality, promoting residents’ rights and duties, encouraging residents to take part in activities, helping residents to access local services and join in the local community, monitoring business performance and quality of care, agreeing contracts, budgeting and fundraising, developing policies and practices, and recruiting, training and supervising staff.

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