Happiness in Construction on the rise

Do you get excited about work every day? In a 2015 report aimed at discovering in which job sector workers are happiest, construction and facility service workers came out on top, out of 30,000 employees across more than 500 organisations in 12 industries.

TINYpulse’s Best Industry Report which gathered anonymous information from one-question feedback surveys, highlighted a steady growth in construction job satisfaction.

One of the biggest boosts in satisfied workers was rooted in good relationships with colleagues. The survey found that 34% of the happiest employees say that positive relationships with peers and colleagues are what fuel their workplace harmony. It was reported that a construction site is a relaxed environment for people to discuss any issues they might have.

Imagine joining an industry where every project is unique and there are lots of chances to build on your skills. There is no shortage of new construction jobs in the UK either, with the industry set to need more and more skilled people in future.

Construction is on the rise, bouncing back from a recession low in 2010. With construction workers learning relevant skills quickly, and enjoying mobility and a competitive salary, it’s easy to see why they rank highly in the happiness stakes.

Posted on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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